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About us

Our School Services Division was founded in 2002 and provides the following services:

  • Federal Programs
  • Off-Site Payroll Processing
  • Off-Site Encumbrance Processing (General, Building, Activity, and Child Nutrition Funds)
  • Personnel Reports
  • District Treasurer
  • Financial Review
  • Financial Mentoring

Our competitively priced federal programs section is led by Paula Crawford, who is a former Team Leader of Federal Programs for the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  An experienced school superintendent and school district Chief Financial Officer, Paula can assist you with all of your federal program applications--from Title I to Impact Aid. 

In addition to her work with federal programs, Paula has over 25 years experience as an independent treasurer for school districts. 

Paula and her husband, Steven, both provide on-site financial reviews for school districts and mentoring for school superintendents.  With their experience as school administrators and understanding of school finance, they provide valuable information to superintendents and boards of education.

Our off-site encumbrance and payroll processing result in cost-savings to districts. No FICA matching, No TRS matching, and No training costs!